Bankruptcy Filings

Filing bankruptcy is a serious action that has long-term financial and legal consequences. The law allows you, as an individual, to represent yourself in bankruptcy court. If you decide to file without an attorney, the court expects you to follow the rules as if you had hired an attorney. To be successful, you must be familiar with the rules of the court, and that’s where we come in!

Let’s face it, most times you are filing bankruptcy because you already have too much debt. When you sit down with a bankruptcy attorney, they will add on another hefty bill! Sure, they will put you on a payment plan, but who wants to add another bill? We can show you how to file bankruptcy without an attorney, saving you thousands of dollars! For a one-time, low-fee of $300**, we will prepare all bankruptcy documents and walk you through the entire process, from filing-through-discharge!


One-time $300**


Pay Deposit
50% to start
Balance due in exchange
for completed paperwork

**Prices do not include federal filing fees, or credit counseling fees mandated by the US Bankruptcy Court.
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